Mellow Ads

MellowAds Network

This is a small paid and free bitcoin and crypto-related banner and text advertising network that allows for CPC and CPM displays but also includes run of site ads. Pop-under displays are another option as well.  Each day you may claim 500 to 3000 satoshis to use in the run of network ads. This is enough free advertising for several days of display. Publishers do need to have an Alexa ranking.


  • Fast account creation
  • Simple bidding¬†
  • Quality audience
  • Bitcion and crypto topic targeting
  • Free run of network
  • Geotargeting
  • Low pricing for premium ads and targeting
  • Tracking and control of click source
  • Formats include text and image ads
  • Cost per click and cost per impression


  • Small or large websites allowed
  • Instant bitcoin payments
  • Easy integration into your website
  • Multiple ad formats
  • Cost per click and cost per impression
  • Pop-under ads