Is Bitmedia The Best Bitcoin Ad Network?

Crypto and bitcoin advertising made easy

While we don’t use Bitmedia for our publisher ads we recently started to use them to promote crytpo related products and services so that we could reach a specific audience. We tried the usual adSense method but every ad was rejected as crypto-related and after taking a deep long read on the terms of service for adSense and for Bing advertising we noticed that most if not all crypto-related advertisements and websites are not allowed.

We have used some of the other ad networks that use bitcoin but wanted to try a new provider so we picked Bitmedia and the experience was great.

On our first ad campaign, we ran a CPC  and the clicks produced sales fast, very fast in fact. Since it was really a test run we had to slow down the speed of our traffic so we could get a better measure of our ad performance over time. The good thing is that as a bitcoin ad network goes, Bitmedia has some of the best targeting and bidding features available to help us get a better look at results and run times that work best for us. Our test is still running but we were so impressed with our results that I had to take a break and write a small post about our experience. Here are some of the features we found helpful. I would say Bitmedia is in fact the best bitcoin ad network out there.

  • Language Selection

    English, French, German, Russian, and Spanish

  • Geo Targeting

    Over 100 countries and regions to target and bidding can be adjusted. Can exclude countries as well.

  • Select Speed and Rerun Rate

    Select the time of day your ad should run and how much time goes by before the ad is shown to the same viewer again.

  • Device Type

    Select if your ad is seen on a desktop, tablet, or phone

  • CPC and CPM

    Cost per click or cost per display options